To best describe my style of training- Hardcore, Intense, & Insane! If you are to the point where you just can’t stand how you feel about your health and the way your body looks, then it’s time to get serious. Just like quitting smoking, you must give up old habits and go all in for a new lifestyle. Being fit and healthy should not a one time deal or a temporary fix; if you want lasting results you need to be intense and serious about your goals and be willing to make permanent changes in your lifestyle. Being healthy starts from the inside out. That is to say, mentally, emotionally which will manifest physically. Obviously if one has never exercised in their life precautionary measures, slow, safe and steady exercise programs are the way to start.

Dawn_1As a person who is just starting out, it is important to start with basic movements and exercises that will get your body ready for heavier and more challenging loads and different styles of training. Remember, no one diet or one type of exercise program is best for everybody, our bodies are unique- and therefore I custom design your workouts to have you progress safely. As a physical therapist assistant, I am equipped with varying modifications of exercises that will help to promote the steady building of muscle to tendon to bone growth necessary for injury free workouts. On the other hand if you have been training for a long time and have reached a plateau in your fitness level, maybe what you need is a little more tweaking and variety of different exercise to confuse your muscles and set your metabolism on a new track. All of us are created special and unique and therefore not all work out programs will have the same results. As a trainer my job is find what works best for your level of fitness, create a unique program for you and then challenge you daily. All fitness professionals and personal trainers have their unique style of training and a smart trainer will always keep an open mind to new ideas and techniques to share with their clientele.

In my years of experience, I have encountered the variety of individual strengths and motivations anyone may possess or lack to push through the difficulty that comes with challenging or new exercises. My job is to encourage you and equip you with the right tools to get you to your fitness/health goals. I have witnessed and learned that all of us can push ourselves harder if we set our minds to do it. Whether for rehab or for fitness, the drive and motivation to improve your level of fitness is up to you the client; I can only guide, motivate and challenge your efforts to reach your goals. So are you ready to feel the healthiest, most confident and accomplished you have ever felt for the rest of your life? Sign up with me for one of my many different raining sessions and lets get you on the road to a Healthy Happy you.

My goal with any type of training I do for myself, as well as with my clients, is to maintain my safety and proper form and get my body stronger and in better shape, so that I can be as active and healthy as I can, for as long as I can!

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