Booty Camp

Outdoor Bootcamp Fitness ClassSo let’s just say, H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) meets Cardio.

Everyone wants a six pack, toned arms, rocking legs and a healthy body. Everybody needs a strong core, back, and body to prevent injuries and chronic pain. My Booty Camp is a blend of functional strength training exercises using mostly bodyweight and cardiovascular challenges. The most effective way to lose body fat and gain muscle is by keeping your body guessing what you’re doing to it when you are working out. We have all witnessed ritualistic tread-millers going through their paces. Yea, you’ve seen them on the treadmill day in and day out for years. They never seem to lose weight or get in any better shape. As a matter of fact, they aren’t going to either.

Our bodies are very smart and become accustomed to the same repetitive exercise we do daily, UNLESS we switch it up. When our bodies become efficient it switches on the save energy mode.  Energy is stored in the body as FAT, and fat is exactly what we all are trying to get rid of to become healthier emotionally and physically.

My exercise program is unique for each Booty Camp. I recruit different muscle groups and incorporate various warm-ups, stretches, and exercises in order to challenge the whole body and force it to utilize the energy it has stored as fat. With muscle confusion the body is forced to use every ounce of energy to perform and complete the workout for the day. Body weight exercises are the best way to promote strength to each individuals body without causing unnecessary injury.  If you can not push, pull or lift your own weight what would be the point of trying to add more weight to the equation. Starting with your own bodyweight exercises allows for proper formation of muscle to tendon & tendon to bone strengthening. This will help prevent tendonitis, bursitis and worst case scenario muscle or tendon tear injuries. Muscles tendons and bones work together as a team and they must be strengthened as a unit. Bodyweight exercises also allow for you to perfect your form and body mechanics during exercises which is very important in preventing back injuries and improper muscle symmetry.

My Booty Camp you will not only help you gain natural strength but cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well. I love to challenge myself and my booty campers to our limits, advancing each class with different ideas that will annihilate fat and build the nice toned muscle definition we all are aiming to achieve.

Come join me and my Booty Campers in one of my Booty Camps where we Sizzle fat and Chisel muscle!

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