Bride-to-be Fit (Brides only)

Bride-to-be Fit (Brides only)


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Congratulations! You just got engaged. Now I know what is the first stressor on your mind. YOUR WEDDING DRESS! Don’t stress- I am here to help you fit into that special dress and look and feel as amazing and sexy as your fiancée already knows you are.

Picture this, you are walking down the aisle arm in arm with the man who is giving you away, everyone is staring at how absolutely gorgeous you look in your strapless dress that shows off your sexy, toned arms. A small move to re-adjust your bouquet, flashes a subtle yet sexy hint of bicep and shoulder definition. As you continue to waltz down the aisle your guests are in amazement at how tiny your waist looks and how perfectly fitting the dress is to your body. As you reach the alter, your man is speechless from how sexy and absolutely stunning you look. He is on mission honeymoon ASAP. Standing in front of your guests, you know they are noticing how fabulous and flawless you look from head to toe. At the reception you are working the floor like you just drank two cups of coffee, swirling and shaking those hips like they don’t lie. It’s time for the garter and bouquet toss, you sit as your new husband slowly raises the hem of your dress in search of the garter revealing those firm and smooth legs you have been hiding all night. Reminding him of his destination, honeymoon suite. Throughout the night you couldn’t help but hear whispers that filled the air about how gorgeous you look. How your dress looks just perfect for your body. How fit and toned you are. Now the wedding party starts to thin out and your guests start to say their goodbyes one by one, you catch your husband lovingly admiring you from across the room. He gives you a seductive wink and whispers, “lets get out of here!”

If this is the kind of wedding day you would like to experience, I can help you make it a reality. For newly engaged brides-to-be I offer one month, three month, or six month workout packages varying in the number of times per week I train you. Each workout lasts about an hour, and can be performed either at a gym facility or at a local park. I have three packages available:

– A one-month “Lovely Bride” package featuring 2 or 3 workouts per week,
– A three-month “Glamorous Bride” package featuring 2 or 3 workouts per week, and
– A six-month “VaVaVOOM Bride” package featuring 2 or 3 workouts per week.

Like any of my personal training, you are guaranteed safe workouts that when combined with a clean eating regimen will yield the amazing results you seek . Are you ready to feel amazing and flawless in any wedding dress your pretty little heart desires? Let’s do this!

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