Work-In-Progress (Beginner) Workouts

Work-In-Progress (Beginner) Workouts


Can’t train with Dawn physically here in Miami? No worries! Now you an purchase indivual workouts that you can do yourself at home!

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Are you located somewhere outside of Miami, FL., or maybe looking to leverage my expertise yet perform the workout routines on your own time and at a pace you feel comfortable with?

Have no fear! By popular demand, I am now selling my routines online for those of you that for whatever reason want to perform my “Hardcore Training” workouts at your convenience and around your schedule. While this in not ideal in my view as I am not there to correct your exercising form, motivate you, and hold you accountable for every last rep- I nevertheless understand that there are circumstances in which this is the only way you can experience my training.

My Hardcore Training workouts are now for sale targeting three fitness levels-

“Work-In-Progress” workouts are specifically designed for those of you that are either new to working out, or are getting back into it.

“Sizzle & Chisel” workouts- Coming Soon!!!

And of course, my favorite… “Hardcore” training workouts- Coming Soon!!!

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