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Are you really ready to transform your body?

Before you contact me, let me ask you something. Be honest with yourself with the answer to this question, you’re only lying to yourself if you’re not. How many times have you started a new diet or workout regimen only to quit a few days or weeks after?…

How frustrating was it to quit for you? Do you consider yourself a failure because you quit? What “story” did you tell yourself as to why you couldn’t stick with the program?…

What if I told you, its not completely your fault you quit. That’s right, its not. Let me explain something to you- there are so many factors working against you that if you don’t have the proper guidance to lead and educate you, a support system to keep you motivated along the way, and someone like myself to hold you accountable every time you step out of line YOU ARE LIKELY TO FAIL.

Food companies are constantly bombarding you with messages to lure you into buying unhealthy meals and products; family and friends are constantly providing you with the “latest trends” in food they heard Oprah is into now; let’s not forget the Internet and all of the weight loss and miracle pills being pushed there. All of these sources of information are confounding the research and burying the information you really need to know in order to make educated choices as to what to eat.

I can help you snap out of this vicious cycle. Working with me, you will achieve the results you want. Just don’t waste my time or yours. This is a lifestyle and life changing decision, but I believe you know that or you wouldn’t be searching for a change. Leave your preexisting strategies and “tips & tricks” that failed you at the door- they didn’t work for you for a reason. If you hire me, you do so understanding that I don’t want to hear about the latest fad your friends are into.

Before you complete the form below, I want you to commit to re-learning about eating properly in moderation, eating healthier and thinking for yourself about the fuel you feed your body. I want you to retrain your mind and body about being effective and efficient about your workouts, wherever you have access to working out, and regardless of how “busy” you think you are.

If you can commit to me being your source of (1) direction, (2) support, and (3) accountability, then proceed to contact me using the form below.

Note: If you cannot commit to investing anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month, and 3-5 hours a week for at least 6-12 months in order to completely transform the way you think about nourishing and training your body- I am probably not the trainer for you.




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