Bringing Sexy Mama Back

Bringing Sexy Mama Back


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So you’ve just given birth to a healthy, beautiful baby- Congratulations! Your world has completely changed, including your body. All of your sexy, wonderful curves are now in different places and seem so far from where their original location was; you wonder in dismay if you will ever be able to get your “sexy” back. You think to yourself, when will I even find the time or energy to start this mission impossible? Heaven knows all your time has now been totally consumed by this wonderful new bundle of joy.

You spend all day admiring, feeding, changing, bathing, rinsing, and repeating this cycle. In between all of this baby time and much needed rest, your body is crying- even screaming for attention, and to be frank, so is your husband. Not only are you overwhelmed, you feel unattractive, fluffy and far from sexy. You’re exhausted after going through nine months being stretched out and eating for two. Your muscle/ tendon/ bone complex was weakened and became lax during pregnancy.

All new mommies go through this after giving birth and there is help. One thing you can find comfort in is- if other moms have gotten their bodies back in shape, SO CAN YOU!

Once you have clearance from your doctor to start an exercise program, my “Bringing Sexy Mama Back” workouts are designed with you in mind. I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, certified in prenatal and postpartum training who can help you safely and properly get your body back. I will help you tighten and tone those flabby areas that just appeared out of nowhere, and annihilate every ounce of unwanted pregnancy fat.

With so many hormones and metabolic changes going on inside of you, your body will require patience and more care than ever before. Proper nutrition for energy to train will be necessary for your body to be able to respond safely to the workout demands. I’m very strict on proper body mechanics and proper form which is why all of my programs are core based.

Your training sessions will be designed uniquely for you, as each mommy has a different body type and prior fitness level. Your workouts will be a combination of core infused, functional strength and cardio training to safely strengthen your entire body and tone up those unwanted flabby areas. If you are ready to get your sexy body back, I am ready to help you!

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