Private to semi-private personal training

Private to semi-private personal training




Every now and then, a small group of family or friends will ask me to custom-tailor a small group class for them in order to achieve very specific fitness goals.

These small 2 people private group (for  more people simply contact us first) classes offer a great balance of personal trainer attention, the motivation and accountability of group physical activity, and a budget friendly cost which is normally divided among the group.

Small private group classes are a great tool to provide strength training, toning and cardiovascular endurance training in an environment that builds camaraderie with your family or friends.

Examples of some of the small private-group classes I can design for you and yours:

•  a small bridal party who wants to tone up before the big day,

•  a group of mom’s wanting to shed a few in order to better keep up,

•  a small group of college students looking to join a sport or the armed forces, who wish to have a solid baseline level of physical fitness before their induction, or

•  a small group of retirees looking for a fun activity they can use to get/ stay in shape.

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