Welcome to my new website and blog!

Welcome to my new website and blog!

Welcome to my new website, and blog… I am Miami’s Hardcore Personal Trainer!

I will be using this space to discuss topics like nutrition, recipes that contribute to a healthy body, exercises I am currently using with my clients, and other topics of interest related to what I call a #HardcoreFit lifestyle. I hope you find it useful, and engage with me on some of these topics- don’t just lurk. I want to hear from you, in order to learn about your struggles achieving and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. When it comes to your body- you only get one. There is NO “Plan B” as they say.

Miami's Hardcore Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Dawn!

Learning about what you are struggling with gives me the opportunity to address these topics here on the blog, and gives you an opportunity to see it from the perspective of a fitness professional.

Many a time I find the media does a horrendous job educating the general population about what are truly healthy lifestyle choices available to them; or they’ll simply sell out to the advertiser with the fattest wallet- with total disregard for what the advertiser is pushing. I will try to provide you with the information you need to “separate the wheat from the chaff” so to speak, and hopefully lead you to better choices for you and your family. Of course, you will note I will emphasize the need for you to exercise- often and with high intensity. Why exercise of the “high intensity” variety? Its not simply my opinion, there is an entire body of research suggesting that high intensity exercise is an effective stimulus for inducing favorable changes in body composition- you can read a sample of this research by clicking here.

Bottom line is this- if you want to be fit, get movin’! Do it often and with intensity, and if you don’t know how- get in touch with me!

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